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B.S. in Chemcial Engineering with:

Bioengineering Concentration

The Bioengineering Concentration features a blend of courses and labs that focus on subjects such as biomaterials and biomedical engineering, biomechanics, biochemical engineering, biomass conversion, pharmaceutical operations, biochemistry, human anatomy and physiology.  It is structured to provide students with expertise that will help them succeed in a range of jobs. Those jobs include creating medical, diagnostic and therapeutic devices, and developing pharmaceutical products, food supplements and preservatives. It’s also tailored for students who plan to work in wastewater treatment, converting biomass to energy, fermentation operations and many other areas.

With the emergence of newer technologies and a fast-growing global biotechnology marketplace, a concentration in bioengineering will equip our students with skills and fundamental knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge to solve bioengineering problems and fill workforce demands.

This is the only bioengineering concentration offered in Louisiana. This concentration will serve students interested in biomedical applications as well as bioprocessing associated with pharmaceutical operations, biomass conversion into energy and products, and fermentation applications.

Visit the chemical engineering departmental website for more information about this program.