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Alumni Wall of Honor

The purpose of the Wall of Honor is to honor and recognize alumni who:

1. Have made significant contributions to the field of engineering and/or technology
2. Serve as strong national/international ambassadors to the UL Lafayette College of Engineering
3. Provided a proven and significant benefit toward mankind
4. Have at least one degree hailing from the College of Engineering
5. Have advanced the profession

The College of Engineering also sees the Wall of Honor as a mechanism to inspire our students and demonstrate potential career opportunities available to them with a degree from UL Lafayette. We recognize each honoree with a plaque that includes their name, degree, graduation year, a photo, and brief bio about them and their accomplishments.

The selection Committee is comprised of the: Dean of the College of Engineering Administration, VP of Intuitional Advancement, Executive Director of Development, College of Engineering Faculty, Development Director for the College of Engineering, CEO of the UL Lafayette Foundation, and a current member of the Wall of Honor (nominated and accepted).