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Engineering Center of Excellence

With the establishment of an Engineering Center of Excellence (ECoE), the College of Engineering intends to disrupt the traditional engineering education model to address the skills gap between those acquired in engineering education and those needed in the workforce. ECoE will empower its students to be leaders in the fields of engineering and technology, offering peer mentoring, tutoring, industry events and workshops, and undergraduate research as well as fostering student organizations. Students will gain a sense of belonging throughout their time at the College of Engineering and be successful in their endeavors.

ECoE is a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and growth. Step into the future of engineering education and join us in the College of Engineering- where students connect, create, and collaborate to solve tomorrow’s challenges.

ECoE hosts a range of activities and programs that enhance the college experience for engineering students. Some of those activities and programs include:

  • Engineering Innovation Program
  • Dean’s Certificate for Leadership and Innovation
  • State of the Art Engineering Makerspace (Part of the new engineering building, groundbreaking in Spring 2024)
  • Engineering Supplemental Instruction (Peer Mentors)
  • STEM Outreach-High School Summer Camp (promote engineering and engineering innovation)
  • Freshman Camp (for incoming freshman their first semester)
  • Study Abroad Ambassador Scholarships
  • Enhanced Mosing Student Career Development Program
  • Industry Events and Workshops for Career-Readiness
  • Increased Support for Senior Design Projects
  • Industry Partnership Program
  • Continuing Engineering Education Program (CEEP)

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