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Undergraduate Programs

Exciting, eye-opening, innovative, engaging, challenging, immersive, collaborative — these are just some of the words that describe the engineering undergraduate programs at UL Lafayette.

We pride ourselves on preparing the best engineers in the world, engineers who are more than thinkers — they're doers. Our students and alumni think beyond boundaries and push the limits of the profession in new and exciting ways. That's what makes them great engineers — it makes them ragin' engineers.

Find out which of our hands-on and innovative program is right for you.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is all about turning raw materials into useful, everyday products. The clothes we wear, the food and drink we consume and the energy we use all depend upon chemical engineering. Our program gives you the skills needed to work out the processes to make all these products, while also helping to manage the world's resources, protect the environment and ensure health and safety standards are met.
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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering involves maintaining and adapting the infrastructure that we depend on every day — our roads, railways and bridges; energy and water supply; waste networks and flood defenses. Our program gives you the skills you need to add to this infrastructure, keep it running effectively, and adapt it to meet challenges, such as population growth, climate change and natural disasters.
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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electric engineering focuses on the development of new and advanced products that are powered by electricity or produce electricity. Our program prepares you to work on a projects in this field which range from medical technology, gaming systems, cell phones, robots, cars, to airline navigation systems.
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Engineering Technology

Engineering technology involves engineering and manufacturing technology to make production faster, simpler, and more efficient. Our program prepares you to be a creative and technically proficient individual who can help a company improve quality and productivity.
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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering involves the design, development, building, and testing of mechanical devices, including tools, engines, and machines. Our program sets you up for success in engineering services, research and development, manufacturing industries, and even the federal government.
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Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering revolves around the design and development of methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface. Our program benefits from being in the heart of America's oil field industry and provides students with a unique hands-on experience only partnering with professionals can bring.

The department was ranked No. 13 in the world – and No. 7 in the United States – as part of CEOWORLD magazine’s “World’s Best Universities for Oil, Gas, and Petroleum Engineering in 2017” list.
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