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Expo Visitor Parking

Whether parking or arriving by bus, all visitors are asked to check in at the main tent near the front lawn of Madison Hall, 131 Rex Street, Lafayette, LA 70503. The entire Expo takes place inside and outside of both Madison and Rougeou Halls. 

Small Groups and Individual Parking

Complimentary parking for Expo visitors on the UL Lafayette campus is located at the Girard Park Circle Parking Garage located on Girard Park Circle. Floors 1-3 are available on a first come first serve basis.

Large Groups Arriving by School Bus

Field trip participants arriving by bus are to unload and load near Madison Hall, 131 Rex St., Lafayette, LA 70503. Buses need to stay in the left lane for unloading and loading as University buses also have to run on Rex Street. Buses are asked to park at Cajun Field on the Bertrand Side and can enter through Gate 3 off Congress. Drivers may ride a UL Lafayette bus back to campus or stay at Cajun Field. 

Please Note: Parties who park on campus at any other location will be issued a ticket by UL Parking and Transit.