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Expo Visitor Parking

Small Groups and Individual Parking

All visitors are asked to stop at the Engineering & Technology Expo Registration area to check in (shown as #1 on the map below). The registration area is on the front lawn of Madison Hall, 131 Rex St, Lafayette, LA 70503. The entire Expo takes place in and outside of both Madison and Rougeou Halls.

Free Commuter Parking: All E&T Expo visitors are considered commuters. Commuters park at Cajun Field and utilize the transit system by taking a UL bus to and from campus. Parking at Cajun Field does not require a University parking permit. Expo visitors should get off of the bus at its second stop, Rex St. (the buses only make two stops; the UL Recreation Center, and Rex St. shown as #2 on the map below).

Large Groups Arriving on School by Charter Buses

Field trip participants arriving by bus are dropped off at Madison Hall, 131 Rex St., Lafayette, LA 70503. After the students are dropped off all school buses should park at Cajun Field. Drivers are welcome to ride the UL Bus back to campus if desired.

Please Note: Parties who park on campus at any other location will be issued a ticket by UL Parking and Transit.