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Alumni & Donors

Allons Cajuns !!!

Bonjour! It is wonderful to have you visit our website. We want to welcome you and keep you informed about the students, activities, research and educational mission of the UL College of Engineering, your alma mater. In the true keeping of the Cajun tradition of “joie de vivre,” we are committed to working with our students, alumni, and our financial supporters to truly enjoy life fully and become fully engaged in our communities and work environments. It is through the support of our donors that we are able to create, maintain and enhance the variety of laboratories, smart classrooms, and student study and work environments, as well as offer scholarships to assist in the education of the students. We have also had the pleasure of having donors support some of our national and international competition teams, which provides our students hands on engineering and technology experience prior to entering the workforce.

The UL College of Engineering is proud to say that we have alumni in positions of varying authority from beginning career positions to those of Presidents and CEO of global corporations as well as private companies. Our students, on average, graduate with three to five offers in hand. The UL College of Engineering offers bachelor's and master's degrees and also a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering with a focus in any of the areas offered in our college. 

We love hearing from our alums. Give us a call and let’s talk about where you are, what you are doing, what did your education help you achieve, and what would you do differently. Finding out more about our alumni and the impact of your UL education on your career as well as what you would do differently helps us to improve our educational process and the impact on the future generations. We sincerely appreciate all that you do for your alma mater.

Allons Cajuns!!!