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Celebrating 80 Years in 2020

The College of Engineering

Founded in 1940

In the past eighty years, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s College of Engineering, founded in 1940, has evolved to a prominent top performing educational and research-oriented college with brilliant students, exceptional graduates and renowned faculty who develop state of the art knowledge in engineering and technology.

Graduates from our engineering programs are highly sought after by industry because of their solid education and reputation as high-performing achievers. We have very impressive alumni, some of which can be seen on our “Alumni Wall of Honor.”

Our Ragin’ Cajun spirit, collaborations and partnerships across disciplines and with industry dramatically extends our reach, impressive contributions and significant impact not only in Louisiana but worldwide. However, that is just the beginning; our narrative of success is still young. Our future has great promise and new chapters are being written every day.

"During this year-long celebration, we are honoring the past, celebrating the present and building the future," says Dean Khattab.

Join us as we celebrate the past eighty years and look forward to our exciting future, as we develop young innovative engineers.