At the Top

Our undergraduate student population has soared from approximately 1,100 to over 2,000 over the past few years, making Ragin’ Cajun Engineering the second largest engineering college in Louisiana.

We've initiated numerous student development programs, including a leadership development program, engineering ambassadors, and several specialty minors.

Make a Difference

Chemical engineering student Ashley Picou Mikolajczyk is studying alligator yolks to find out why the eggs of alligators in the wild are more likely to hatch than those of farm-raised gators.

Ashley’s work is aimed to improve hatch rates for farmers and in the conservation of related species that are threatened or endangered.

Hands-On Learning

The work our students do while attending UL Lafayette has been featured on the the Discovery Channel and the History Channel, won national awards, and even been to space.

Diverse Opportunities

Our programs have the versatility you need to be marketable after graduation while actually enjoying the time you spend in the classroom. From biofuels, bioproducts, and renewable energy to building robots and satellites, your academic path will always be interesting!

In Demand

Our graduates are highly sought after.

National companies travel to Lafayette to interview our students for competitive positions.

That's because our students are top-notch, creative individuals who receive hands-on experience while they study at UL Lafayette.

Engineer Your Future

At the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the College of Engineering educates new leaders to change the world. Here, we prepare our students to be professionals and leaders through exceptional academic programs. We inspire our students to make discoveries and do work that makes a lasting global impact. We partner with them to develop a path for their own journey as engineers and help them design their futures.

Our faculty and staff are among the best in the nation — and the world. Their commitment to educate the world-class engineer and provide students with hands-on experience is unwavering.

Our college doesn't just look at ways to solve problems; we work to identify them. We teach our students to think their way through and around challenges with a ragin' spirit set on making the world a better place. We embrace multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education, and apply those same principles to our innovative research.

Educating Engineers to Solve Tomorrow's Challenges

The college recently implemented the largest curriculum enhancement in the College's history. Concentrations have been added to our curricula beginning Fall 2022. Concentrations give our students the option of having courses with specific emphasis in a sub-field within a major.  Concentrations are not required; however, they are offered to allow students to customize their undergraduate education.  Concentrations will increase a student's expertise in their academic track and informs potential employers of the students area of interest and expertise.

At the Undergraduate level the concentrations are:

In addition, the college now offers a Bachelor of Science in Engineering & Technology Management from the Department of Engineering Technology.  This is the only bachelor's degree in the State of Louisiana in engineering and technology management.

Bachelor of Science in

Engineering & Technology Management

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Explore Our Programs

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is all about turning raw materials into useful, everyday products. The clothes we wear, the food and drink we consume and the energy we use all depend upon chemical engineering. Our program gives you the skills needed to work out the processes to make all these products, while also helping to manage the world's resources, protect the environment and ensure health and safety standards are met.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering involves maintaining and adapting the infrastructure that we depend on every day – our roads, railways and bridges; energy and water supply; waste networks and flood defenses. Our program gives you the skills you need to add to this infrastructure, keep it running effectively, and adapt it to meet challenges, such as population growth, climate change and natural disasters.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering focuses on the development of new and advanced products that are powered by electricity or produce electricity. Our program prepares you to work on a projects in this field which range from medical technology, gaming systems, cell phones, robots, cars, to airline navigation systems.

Engineering and Technology Management

Engineering and technology management combines technical courses, with an optional embedded business minor, quantitative sciences, natural sciences, and general education to prepare graduates for technical, management, and/or applied engineering positions in business and industry.  The engineering and technology management graduate is a technical generalist who is competent in assessing problems and proposing solutions to improve productivity related to product specifications, materials and processes, industrial control and information systems, and operations management.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering involves the design, development, building, and testing of mechanical devices, including tools, engines, and machines. Our program sets you up for success in engineering services, research and development, manufacturing industries, and even the federal government.

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering revolves around the design and development of methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface. Our program benefits from being in the heart of America's oil field industry and provides students with a unique hands-on experience only partnering with professionals can bring.