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Dean's Advisory Council

The purpose of the Dean’s Advisory Council (DAC) is to provide advice, advocacy, and support for the College of Engineering. DAC is comprised of accomplished and prominent alumni and friends of the College of Engineering from industry, government, and academia who are dedicated to excellence in engineering education, research and innovation, and workforce development. Its members serve as ambassadors for the College of Engineering and provide invaluable insight, contacts, and support to the Dean of the College of Engineering.

DAC members will share their expertise and assist the Dean achieving the College's academic mission with key initiatives regarding:

  • Providing perspective as it relates to the needs of industry and society regarding  engineering and technology education to meet the future demands of the professions.
  • Promoting and encouraging the advancement of the College through interactions and communication with alumni, organizations, friends, and individuals with interest in the College.
  • Supporting the professional growth of students.
  • Increasing the impact, visibility, ranking and reputation of the College.
  • Assisting in obtaining financial support from industry, government entities, alumni, and friends of the college.

Dean's Advisory Council Members