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Specialty Minors

The UL College of Engineering offers specialty minors to undergraduate students who wish to expand their expertise in trending fields of engineering industries.

Students who choose a specialty minor will acquire a minimum of 18 hours of specialized expertise while completing their Bachelor of Science degree program.

These specialty minors allow our undergraduate students to acquire approximately 18 extra hours of specialized expertise while completing their BS program within one of our current engineering degree programs.

There are eight specialty minors available to engineering students, namely: biomedical engineering, bioprocess engineering, coastal engineering, environmental engineering, manufacturing, materials engineering, technology commercialization, and renewable energy.

There are four specialty minors available to engineering technology (ENGT) students: bioprocess technology, technology commercialization, renewable energy and manufacturing. Up to six hours may be double counted toward both the Specialty Minor and the student’s major, depending on the major and minor.

A specialty minor gives the student specialized expertise that compliments their undergraduate major’s course of study while providing the student with the opportunity to gain a technical foundation encompassing stronger knowledge skills than those provided within the typical engineering/technology undergraduate program. Thus, the student will be much more competitive in specialized fields without losing the benefits of a basic engineering degree.

This program should greatly enhance the knowledge base of our students, which will improve their ability to perform in specialized fields upon graduation and will greatly improve their marketability in their job searches. Additionally, this program should be a tremendous asset in attracting high caliber students to our program. For example, a civil engineering student wanting to work in the area of environmental engineering can earn a specialty minor in environmental engineering without losing the benefits provided by having the basic civil engineering degree. An alternative scenario would be that the student goes to a college where an undergraduate program in environmental engineering is offered. However, if the student ultimately decides that this area is not one where he/she wants to pursue a career or if the job market within the area is limited at some period in time, the student cannot fall back on a basic engineering degree like they could with our envisioned program.

Specialty Minors Offered to All Undergraduate Engineering Majors

Specialty Minors Available to Engineering Technology Majors

Specialty Minors Available to Both Engineering and Engineering Technology Majors

A pre-Masters of Business Administration specialty minor is open to all undergraduate majors in the College of Engineering.