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Computer Requirements

The College of Engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette prepares its majors for an engineering career in the 21st century.  Our programs provide a traditional foundation in mathematics and science that develop a deep understanding of engineering fundamentals and principles.  Advanced courses are taught using the tools and technologies of modern engineering.   This future is defined by the advances in software and digital technology.  

In general, the College of Engineering does not require its majors to purchase a personal computer.  Computer laboratories are available across the College of Engineering and are open to its majors whenever no class is scheduled in them. However, starting in Fall 2022, some specific courses across the college do requirement laptops. Check with your department for more details on whether a laptop is required for your courses.

For flexibility, the College of Engineering recommends that its majors have access to a personally owned laptop computer meeting these general minimum specifications.  Be sure to check with the department of your major for any other advanced configuration requirements before any purchase.

Recommended minimum specifications:

M1/ARM processors (M1 MACS, Surface PRO X) products are not recommended as they are not guaranteed to run all required software bundles.  In addition, many software packages used in engineering classes are not available for Mac OS, Linux, Android, or Chrome. Therefore, no non-Windows tablets and Apple laptops or Chrome OS computers are recommended, though students in possession of an older model of laptop or desktop, whether Windows based or not, can delay the purchase of a new machine until their sophomore year.  These older machines will prove adequate through this early part of their engineering curricula.