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Engineering Ambassadors


The UL Engineering Ambassadors Program is a UL College of Engineering service-based organization which is made up of a diverse group of engineering students who all have a unique story and share a passion for engineering. The UL Engineering Ambassadors support the College of Engineering by contributing time to different types of outreach activities in order to attract students to the College. Ambassadors help first year students transition into college by sharing real life experiences as well as opportunities to get involved in the college. They also are greatly enthused to motivate middle and high school students to consider and explore the options of engineering as a career. These students are very well informed about the University, the College of Engineering, and the need for engineers in order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the modern world.

The UL Engineering Ambassadors are carefully selected through an audition/interview process and are trained to make presentations at local schools and to participate in recruitment and enhancement initiatives at both the College and University levels. Participation in Engineering Ambassadors provides students with the tools and training to become confident speakers, better leaders, and to present their ideas clearly and professionally.

The objectives of Engineering Ambassadors include the following:
  • Reach out to inform students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and the general public about the fields of engineering and technology
  • Provide leadership skills and training to our members
  • Represent the College of Engineering and the University with professionalism and pride
  • Help spread the word about the benefits of Industrial Technology and Engineering degrees

Who can apply to be an UL Engineering Ambassador?

Any undergraduate engineering student enrolled in one of the six departments in the UL College of Engineering may apply to be an ambassador with 20 or more hours (first-time freshman many not apply). Students may apply for membership given that he/she is a full-time, undergraduate student maintaining a 2.5 cumulative GPA and may not be on any academic or disciplinary probation with the University during the semester in which he/she is applying for membership at the time of the application. Graduate students may apply only if they completed all or part of their undergraduate degree at UL Lafayette.

We are looking for current undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Engineering who are willing to represent their department, college and university during outreach activities geared towards potential UL Engineering Students.

First-time freshman may not apply to be an ambassador because of lack of student experience.

What is the purpose of the UL Engineering Ambassador organization?

The primary purpose of the organization shall be to aid the University Our mission as UL Engineering Ambassadors is to aid and represent the College of Engineering by recruiting, conducting ourselves as role models, and presenting a positive impression of UL as whole, especially the College of Engineering, and to advise all students and parents on the rules, regulations, traditions, resources and different aspects of University life. The secondary purpose of the organization shall be to promote spirit and unity among UL Engineering students and to provide general service to the UL community.

Why do I want to be an UL Engineering Ambassador?

This prestigious organization is rewarding in that you are given the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. You will be the face of the College of Engineering at Preview Days, Engineering & Technology Expo, other engineering events, and during high school recruiting events such as career fairs and school visits.

Think back to when you were a high school student and you wanted to know about UL and the college of Engineering. Most potential students want to hear from actual engineering students and about their experiences. Being part of this organization is also fun and a great way to get to know other engineering students, staff, the Outreach Coordinator, and Dean Zappi.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved in an organization that makes a difference in the community. You will be able to perfect your communications skills and network with other influential members of the College and community. Current and past ULEA students have a reputation for being excellent leaders and employers are looking for this experience on resumes.

Where can I find more information about the UL Engineering Ambassador Program and how do I apply?

The Ambassador Constitution and Ambassador By-laws pages give a detailed view the program. Please note that these are from the previous year and may be updated over the summer.

A description of the audition process and online application can be found here.