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DL 2018 Application

Questions? Email You can find a complete program description here.

In order to be considered for selection, all students must complete this application for the Designing Leaders Program. This application is due on Wednesday, 1/17/2018 at the close of business at 5 PM (all applications are time stamped). All applicants will receive a notice of acceptance or denial from the program by email no later than 1/20/2018.

Applications will be processed in this order:

  •  Date submitted
  •  Cumulative (adjusted) GPA
  •  Number of spots available
  •  Number of hours completed
  •  Anticipated date of graduation
  •  Classification (Priority given to PhD students and seniors who meet the requirements)
  •  Leadership Qualities demonstrated through application question answers
  •  Student Origination participation
Special Note to all System PhD Students

**Every Systems Engineering PhD student is required to successfully complete the program before graduation. This does not mean automatic admittance to the program. All Systems PhD students must apply, meet the requirements, be selected to participate, and successfully complete the program. Failure to complete the program before graduation will result in a delayed graduation date.**

You may submit this application only ONCE
Use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling

If you are unable to accept your completion award, where would you like us to send it?
Must be a 2.75 or higher. Your cumulative GPA will be verified by a member of the Dean's Office staff.
What is the number of hours that you have completed that apply to your current degree? If you are an undergraduate student with less than 50 hours please do not apply until you have completed 50 hours.
When do you expect to graduate with your current degree? If your graduation date is not listed please apply closer to the date of your graduation.
Chose all that apply
List all active memberships for student organizations and any offices held.
List any previous memberships to student organizations and any offices held.
Describe any personal, academic, organization, volunteering, or any other experience that either pertains to, or demonstrates leadership qualities that you have exhibited.
List any RELEVANT work experience that either pertains to your program of study or demonstrates leadership qualities.
If yes, explain.
Everyone must attend all Designing Leaders sessions, a possible make-up session, and a final banquet. By submitting this application you are agreeing to participate in every one of the eight Tuesday night sessions, a possible make-up session, and the final banquet, for a total of ten Tuesday nights.
All absences are unexcused regardless of reason. Each member is allowed to miss one session in case of emergency or illness; a second absence will result in the removal of the program. This does not mean that members are allowed to skip one session. There are no exceptions to this rule.
I understand that being part of the Designing Leaders Program is a special privilege, and that there are only 35 available spots reserved for participants.