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E&T Expo High School Student Competitions

Are you competitive or just want some bragging rights? If you fit either or both descriptions you should enter one of the three Engineering and Technology Expo high school competitions. All competitions can have individual or team participants. The Egg Drop and Balsa Wood Competitions require you to submit devices built before the E&T Expo. The Mystery Challenge requires no preparation.

The games for the 2019 Expo will be different from preivous years. The new competion rules woll be posted mid-November.

Please visit our Competition Frequently Asked Questions Page or email if you have questions about any of the listed rules.

Competition Rules

Balsa Wood Competition

Egg Drop Competition

Mystery Design Challenge

2018 Competition Winners

Egg Drop

  1. Buckeye High School: Laura Gremillion and Gabe Hoosier
  2. Buckeye High School: Ryan Campbell and Gabe Hoosier
  3. Buckeye High School: Laley Hoosier and Gabe Hoosier

Balsa Bridge

  1. Buckeye High School: Aubree Lampert, Troy Carman, Marlee Paulk, Haley Prestridge,
  2. West St. Mary: Kayla Barbo, Hannah Verret, Conner Anderson, Tayla Bernauev
  3. Buckeye High School: Sarah Harrison,  Xana Toth, Ryan Campbell, Riley Nugent

Mystery Design Challenge

  1. Buckeye High School: Tory Carman, Aubree Lampert, Marlee Paulk
  2. Assembly Christian: Hope Cochran, G.P. Robichaux, Kylan Dupre
  3. Episcopal School of Acadiana: Joshua Feist