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Celebrating Four Decades of Excellence: Rick Farmer's Impact on Drilling and Completions in the Oilfield

Within the College of Engineering, we are fortunate to have exceptional industry professionals as part of our teaching faculty. Mr. Rick Farmer, a highly esteemed Adjunct Professor in Petroleum Engineering, is featured on the cover of the November-December 2023 issue of Oilman Magazine, where his remarkable 40-year career in drilling and completions takes center stage.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Farmer for his dedication to educating our Petroleum Engineering students, ensuring they are thoroughly equipped for the exciting journey ahead. The Oilman article showcases the wealth of experience and expertise he brings to the classroom.

In the article, Mr. Farmer humbly acknowledges that his teaching assignment holds greater significance than any accolades he has received throughout his illustrious career. It provides him with a unique opportunity to guide and mentor the next generation of engineers and young professionals, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

While highlighting the significant impact Mr. Farmer's teaching assignment has on him, it's equally crucial to underscore its profound value for the College of Engineering and its students. We sincerely extend our heartfelt appreciation to him for his generosity in giving back to the academic community.

Congratulations to Mr. Rick Farmer for gracing the cover of Oilman Magazine. Your story serves as an inspiration to us all, symbolizing dedication, excellence, and a commitment to shaping the future of engineering.