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Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Team, Southern Solar, Shines Bright at the 10th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

The ‘Beausoleil’ boat made waves of progress at the 10th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. Organized by the Yacht Club de Monaco, this event has solidified its reputation as the premier stage for the exploration and celebration of alternative energy sources in the maritime industry. At the forefront of this groundbreaking endeavor is the mechanical engineering senior design team, called Southern Solar, whose remarkable accomplishments have propelled them into the global spotlight. Team members include: Brennan Guarisco, Jordan Smith, Taylor Thistlehtwaite, Claire Werther, and Lelia Deville. Faculty Advisors are Yasmeen Qudsi, Jonathan Raush and John Carroll. Congratulations to the team!

At the heart of the challenge lies a call for ingenious cockpit designs and propulsion systems, driven by the force of renewable energy sources. Southern Solar has emerged as a formidable challenger, fueled by a passion for sustainability and an unwavering commitment to innovation. Their mission? To craft propulsion systems that not only rival traditional methods but also pave the way for affordable and dependable alternatives sought after by the maritime industry.

Celebrating a Rookie Triumph

A special prize stands as a testament to their exceptional dedication and innovative spirit: the Rookie Team award. This distinction highlights the team's remarkable ability to make a splash in the competitive maritime innovation landscape, despite being newcomers to the esteemed challenge. Their achievement underscores the transformative power of passion and expertise, setting a precedent for future endeavors.

"The achievements of our mechanical engineering senior design students on the global stage reaffirm our commitment to fostering excellence and pushing the boundaries of sustainable technology. This victory not only celebrates their hard work and dedication but also underscores the transformative impact that emerges when academia and industry unite towards a common goal."  - Dean Ahmed Khattab

The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge transcends geographical boundaries, creating a melting pot of intellect and skill that spans nations. Representing the spirit of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the United States, our team stood shoulder to shoulder with participants from 25 countries, 31 universities, and 46 teams—a collective of nearly 500 international students.

In an interview with GlobeNewswire by Notified, our Southern Solar team shared their remarkable journey: "We named our boat the ‘Beausoleil’ boat, which means beautiful sun and it took us 6 months for the design of the project and 3 months of actually building and manufacturing. We’ve been doing this since late January. It’s solar powered and it has two motors and four hydrofoils."

A special thanks to Engineering Alumni George Antoun and his wife Martha Ward Antoun and the folks at First Solar who helped to make this dream competition a reality.

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