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Six Engineering Faculty Members Recognized for Completing the Engineering Innovation Training Program

The College of Engineering’s Dean’s office hosted an Engineering Innovation Luncheon and Recognition Ceremony for six faculty members who showed exceptional dedication and commitment to the College’s Engineering Innovation Program.

Six faculty members, Carla Hodge, Mechanical Engineering, Sharon LaHood, Engineering Technology, Brandon Plaisance, Chemical Engineering, Yasmeen Qudsi, Mechanical Engineering, Tamla Springer, Petroleum Engineering, and Ahmed Temani, Petroleum Engineering, were recognized and presented a College of Engineering Dean’s Certificate of Engineering Innovation by Dean Khattab, President Savoie and Mr. Thomas Chance (representing the Dean’s Advisory Council) for completing an extensive six-week Eureka Ranch International Innovation Engineering online digital badge training program.

“I am very proud of our faculty members and their accomplishments,” said Dean Khattab. “Each of them has received digital badges in five to six different innovation topics that can be added to their repertoire of accomplishments,” continued Khattab.

The College’s Engineering Innovation Program is part of a bigger vision for the college to disrupt the traditional engineering education model to address the skills gap between those acquired in engineering education and those needed in the workforce. By reimagining the traditional engineering education with a plan to establish an Engineering Center of Excellence (ECoE), the college will offer programs to better prepare engineering students for the workforce.

Part of the Engineering Innovation Program is to empower our engineering educators to meet the needs of students before they enter the workplace, increasing productivity and innovation, and reducing time spent closing the skills gap. This new program enables the faculty to learn new skills and earn credentials as well as develop and nurture new ideas in engineering education.

Each of the faculty members honored will be teaching a section of UNIV 100 Introduction to Engineering Innovation this Fall 2023. The six sections for Fall 2023 are a result of the success of last fall’s pilot section. The engineering sections of UNIV 100 will introduce engineering concepts and teach an innovation mindset to incoming freshman. The College has put a great effort into creating the six UNIV 100 sections in collaboration with Dr. Beth Giroir, Executive Director, Student Success Initiatives, and her team in the Office of First-Year Experience.

The offering of the Intro to Engineering Innovation course (UNIV 100) is among several initiatives under ECoE.

Congratulations to our six engineering faculty members.  Well done!

Pictured top left to bottom right: Mr. Thomas Chance (in all photos), President Savoie (in all photos), Mr. Brandon Plaisance, Dean Ahmed Khattab (in all photos), Dr. Ahmed Temani, Ms. Yasmeen Qudsi, Ms. Carla Hodge, Ms. Tamla Springer and Ms. Sharon LaHood.