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Smart oilfield concentration - 1st of its kind in the nation

Registration is under way for UL Lafayette petroleum engineering majors who pursue the College of Engineering’s new smart oilfield concentration. Courses for the concentration will begin this fall. It is the only program of its kind in the nation, said Dr. Ahmed Khattab, dean of the University’s College of Engineering.

The College of Engineering has developed this new concentration to prepare students to operate a smart oilfield. This program will address the student demand to meet employer needs. Petroleum engineering graduates with a concentration in smart oilfield will possess the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to a more sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly oil production.

The smart oilfield concentration features a blend of courses and labs that focus on coding, statistics, machine learning, automation, predictive capabilities, carbon capture, computational fluid dynamics, smart drilling, and the economic feasibility of exploration in specific locations.

The new smart oilfield concentration is among nine concentrations the college has added in the last two years to address industry trends and needs in fields growing faster than the national average.

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