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Recent graduates from UL Lafayette’s College of Engineering hired by Pfizer for vaccine production

The College of Engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is proud to announce that several of our recent graduates were hired by Pfizer as researchers for the development of the Covid-19 vaccination. Originally hired to conduct research for vaccine development, they have now moved on to working on production of the vaccine. 

As engineers, their job is to solve problems and right now the Covid-19 pandemic is a problem that is affecting the entire world. Engineers and technologist everywhere are working hard to solve many of the problems that stem from the effects of the pandemic including eradication of the virus. One way to achieve this is to vaccinate as many people as possible. 

Pfizer has succeeded in developing a vaccine with the help of some members of our Ragin’ Cajun engineering family and we couldn’t be more proud. Seeing these recent graduates jump into such important roles is proof of the quality of the education they received as students here at the College of Engineering.

“This is a proud moment for the College of Engineering to have our recent graduates participating in such a monumental task that will save lives across the globe. This is a direct indication of our phenomenal programs that develop our graduates into extremely successful engineers and technologists. For a Pfizer facility located in Kalamazoo, Michigan to come and recruit in South Louisiana proves that our College of Engineering graduates are in high demand, not only in Louisiana, but across the nation. We wish them well in their new noble careers and thank them for their contribution in the fight against this devastating virus.” – Dr. Ahmed Khattab, UL Lafayette, Dean of Engineering. 

 “We have over ten chemical engineering graduates from the last two semesters working for Pfizer, contributing to COVID-19 vaccine production and the end of the pandemic. This is a testament of the high level of engineering skills of our students at graduation and the strength of the chemical engineering program. We prepare our graduates to work effectively in numerous industries, from pharmaceutical companies to oil and gas, energy (traditional and renewable), manufacturing, new materials, batteries, specialty chemicals, and many others.” – Dr. Raphael Hernandez, Chemical Engineering Department Head and Interim Petroleum Engineering Department Head.

Having graduates from the College of Engineering’s Industrial Technology program have a part in such an important endeavor is very exciting. The success of our graduates in the medical industry is a tribute to the versatility and high caliber of our Industrial Technology graduates and the curriculum in which we offer. Pfizer recognized this and we are extremely proud to be a part of the solution to eradicate the world-wide pandemic.” – Dr. Shelton Houston, Industrial Technology Department Head. 

“The Department of Mechanical Engineering is proud of the fact that our graduates have been hired by Pfizer to help in the production of their vaccine for the COVID-19 viral disease. We strive to prepare our students for the technical challenges facing society now and into the future and are confident our graduates will be strong contributors to the efforts at producing products to combat this pandemic and other urgent and sanguine needs of society. Congratulations to our graduates in the Pfizer work force.” – Dr. Alan Barhorst, Mechanical Engineering Department Head.