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Civil Engineering - Six Days a Week!

I was a civil engineering student from 1967-1972, when it was a five-year curriculum. In 1967, we attended classes six days a week! We ALL used slide rules. There was a Professor Dupuy who taught my “Introduction to Engineering” course, using that big slide rule as a visual aid, in the fall of 1967. I was also in Air Force ROTC, where the Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Wayne Wallace, presented me with an award in 1971.

I went on to become an Air Force pilot, then a civilian P.E. with the U.S. Army Research and Development Center (Corps of Engineers), formerly the Waterways Experiment Station, in Vicksburg, from 1978-2010.  I, concurrently was an engineering officer, then a squadron commander, in the Air Force Reserve, from 1985-2002, retiring as a full Colonel. 

Incidently, I have a collection of slide rules:  Post Versalog, Dietzen, Pickett, and a couple of six-inch ones, in addition to a few circular ones (flight computers).

David R. Haulman, P.E.
Colonel, USAFR, Retired