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Georges Antoun - DAC Chairman

BS Industrial Technology - 1988
Chief Commercial Officer – First Solar

Georges Antoun is a 1988 graduate of the University of Southwestern Louisiana, now UL Lafayette.  He has over 30 years of operational and technical experience, including leadership positions at several global technology companies.

Mr. Antoun started his career with NYNEX (now Verizon), where he was a Member of Technical Staff at its Science and Technology Division.  He focused on implementing Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN) & Calling Line ID.

Following NYNEX, Georges joined Newbridge Networks as the Director of Systems Engineering, a data and voice networking company where he focused on deploying Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Frame Relay networks.

In 1996, Georges joined Cisco Systems, where he served as Vice President of Worldwide Systems Engineering and Field Marketing, Vice President of Worldwide Optical Operations and Vice President of Carrier Sales. At Cisco, his main focus was on building the Internet infrastructure we use today and Internet based applications.

After Cisco Systems, Georges joined Redback Networks, a telecommunications Equipment Company focused on Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and Subscriber Management as the Head of Engineering and Product Management.  After Ericsson’s acquisition of Redback Networks, he became the CEO of the Redback subsidiary and the Head of Product Area IP & Broadband Networks for Ericsson based in San Jose, California.  At Ericsson, his department focused on building IP infrastructures and LTE networks for various providers.

Currently, Georges is the Chief Commercial Officer for First Solar, a leading manufacturer of thin film PV technology responsible for Worldwide Sales and Project Development.  He joined First Solar in July 2012 as the company’s Chief Operating Officer where he was focused on product Cost, Quality and Efficiency.

Georges also earned a Master’s degree in Information Systems Engineering from New York Polytechnic (now NYU Poly) and has served on various public boards.  He is a current member of the Marathon Digital Holdings board.

Mr. Antoun is married to a USL graduate, and they have two children.