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Best Experience of My Life

In the 1970s following my graduation from high school in New Orleans, I began my research to find a University to obtain my degree in electrical engineering. USL's Electrical Engineering program had such a strong reputation that I decided to turn down a paid scholarship to LSU to pursue my degree in Lafayette. My time at USL represented the best experience in my life second to my marriage and birth of my wonderful daughters. There were many memorable faculty members who were monumental to my success. Dr. Kline, Professor of Electronics is one that I remember well. He had experience working for NASA and integrated this into the classroom. This professor, among many others demonstrated the highest quality of instruction and were the reason the program was rated top in the state.

Following graduation, I was able to work for NASA in power systems. From then until now, my degree has given me the ability to obtain my PE and work successfully for a multitude of major and local organizations. I have been able to lead teams of other experienced engineers and mentor young and upcoming engineers. I currently have 45 years of experience under my belt and have had the honor of being recognized as an expert in electrical engineering and power systems throughout south Louisiana. In 2016, I started my own Consulting Firm,.

The support from faculty and the foundation of knowledge I received while at USL was paramount in my ability to speak to many proud moments in my career. I remain forever grateful for my time at the University and would recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing an Engineering degree.

Keith Robinette
Electrical Engineering
Class of 1973