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Upside Down Draw Bridge

I graduated from Crowley High School in 1963. I worked my way through collage and received my BS degree in Civil Engineering in 1972. During my Senior year at USL, I proposed to the Civil Engineering class, they agreed, that we design and build a working scale model ‘Upside Down‘ draw bridge for the Engineering Day competition. With the assistance of the Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering departments our Civil Engineering project won first place in 1972.

I had hoped to pursue a Masters in Business Management, that would have been a considerable asset to me in the eventual carer path I followed, but I was ready to begin my career.

I initially worked for an engineering consulting company in Lafayette doing concrete structural design. With that engineering company I moved into Project Management as a consultant for various oil operating companies offshore and onshore for the construction of pipelines and offshore platforms.

I accepted a position with an international company as Project Manager / Engineer to work in the construction of pipelines in various countries. My family and I lived in Iran for two years as I was the Project Engineer on dual pipelines starting in 1975.

My next career move was to shore based operations in the construction of offshore platforms as Project Manager.I started the international business for the company, being responsible for business development and contract negotiation.

I worked as Vice President, primarily responsible for the international business for two companies consecutively for 34 years. I worked in many countries and was grateful to have seen many parts of the world.

I retired at the end of 2014.  Now I enjoy visiting many sites in the US and Canada as I travel in my motorhome. I have always maintained a home in Lafayette and wear RED on Fridays.  I am proud to be a Ragin’ Cajun!

Dennis LaFleur
Civil Engineering
Class of 1972