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Chemical Engineering Department’s ChemE-Sports Team secures 3rd Place in the International ChemE-Sports Competition!

The College of Engineering is excited to announce a significant achievement for the Chemical Engineering Department. Our talented students have clinched the third-place position in the highly acclaimed international ChemE-Sports competition. Our team was the only U.S. university team to secure a spot in the top three. This prestigious event, featuring a cutting-edge Distillation Unit competition, brought together undergraduate American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) student members from around the globe, all vying for the top spot in the realm of chemical engineering optimization and safety.

“Securing the third position in such a highly contested event is a testament to the rigorous academic training and real-world application of knowledge provided by the Chemical Engineering Department here at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette,” said Dean Khattab. “It showcases not only the theoretical expertise of our students but also their ability to translate that knowledge into practical, industry-relevant solutions,” continued Khattab.

“The dedication and perseverance displayed by our students in the international ChemE-Sports competition exemplify the spirit of innovation and excellence that defines the department and the college,” said Dr. Rafael Hernandez, Department Head of Chemical Engineering. “We look forward to the continued success and growth of our students in the field of chemical engineering,” continued Hernandez.

ChemE-SportsTM: A Fusion of Innovation and Expertise

The competition centered around a Distillation Unit, seamlessly blending Virtual Reality with a Distributed Control System, courtesy of PetroSkills - Simulation Solutions. This unique integration provided participants with a dynamic platform to highlight their skills in a simulated plant environment, addressing real-life scenarios while navigating a series of optimization and safety challenges.

This year's event saw participants faced with multiple scenarios; each mirroring situations encountered in industrial plants. Armed with their chemical engineering expertise, the teams were tasked with achieving objectives within a set time limit. The scoring criteria encompassed both the profitability and safety aspects of the simulated distillation unit run, demanding a delicate balance of technical finesse and safety protocol adherence.

Our exceptional Chemical Engineering team faced stiff competition against an international field of top-tier universities, including Texas A&M, University of Virginia, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Tennessee, and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Despite the intense competition, our students demonstrated unwavering dedication, teamwork, and exceptional ingenuity and critical thinking skills.

Congratulations to our Chemical Engineering Department’s ChemE-Sports Team! Your success resonates across borders, inspiring future generations of engineers to reach new heights in the dynamic world of chemical engineering.

CHEE Winning Team: Students from left to right, Ashton Castete, Gavan Courville, Matthew Ronkartz, and Drew Sikat