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Industry Exhibit Registration Form

Please read the form carefully and see examples of previous exhibits below:

What company or organization will your booth represent?
Designated contact person for Expo updates and confirmations. This person will be sent important emails and instructions about the Expo.
This number will not be saved after the Expo and will only be used for emergency purposes or any crucial updates during the actual Expo.
Has your company/organization participated in any previous Expo events?
What type of display will you have?
Please give a short description of your display. For large displays, please let us know an approximate footprint to help with planning.
Do you need to set up before the day of? Industry exhibit set up is 7:00 am-8:15 am on Wednesday morning.
Please select your preferred location. We do our best to accommodate your requests.
Would you like us to provide a tent for your display? Tents are not needed for the covered sidewalk area near Girard Park Circle Parking Garage.
How would you like your booth/display set up?
How many people, including yourself, will be representing your company at the Expo?
Do you need access to an electrical outlet? Please bring your own power cord if possible (minimum 10 ft.).
Is there anything else that you need for your exhibit?
Are you representing a non-profit organization?
Please select all that apply.
How did you learn about the Expo? Did anyone invite you, and if so, who contacted you? (check all that apply)
If you were contacted by a student, please list their name and university email (i.e. Their department will get points for our Department of the Year competition.
If you were contacted by a student, what department are they in?