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Engineering & Technology Week

You may remember Engineering & Technology Week from when you were a student here at UL. Every year our student population gets bigger and so does E&T Week. All alumni are invited to visit the college during E&T Week, particularly during the E&T Week Expo Day. To learn more visit our E&T Week page found here.

If you think that you would like to volunteer or sponsor and event, please fill out this Engineering & Technology Week Volunteer & Sponsorship Registration form. Payment instructions are listed below.

Questions? Call LaShaun Bordelon at 337-356-6400 or email



Donations can be made by check or credit card. All checks are made out the UL Lafayette Foundation. Please fill out the MEMO portion of your check with: E&T Account# 12356. All checks should be mailed to:

UL College of Engineering
Dean's Office
PO BOX 72551
Lafayette, LA 70504

All credit card payments are made through the UL Foundation Website to the College of Engineering Account #12356. Example below:

Please complete this Engineering & Technology Week Volunteer & Sponsorship Registration before making your payment. The College of Engineering is separate from The Foundation and we will not be aware of your donation without this form. Thanks for your help!