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Individual Student E&T Expo Registration

Complete this form if you are a current high school student or university student attending the Expo on your own.

This form is also for individuals who are part of a Small Group of students (2-10 attendees). Any non-student attendees should fill out the Individual Parent/Chaperon form.

If you are part of a Large Group (10 or more attendees) attending the Expo do NOT fill out this form. One person from the large group should fill out the Large Group Registration form.

This form cannot be edited after submission. Proofread before submitting and submit only once.
VERY IMPORTANT. What is the best email address to send you E&T Expo updates? We will not email you for any other reason and your address will be deleted from the system after the event.
What type of education are you currently enrolled in?
What is the name of your school or institution? Please list the proper name and not the abbreviation.
Where are you visiting us from?
If you selected "Other," what state are you visiting us from?
How did you hear about the E&T Expo? Select all that apply.