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E&T Expo High School Student Competitions 2021

Are you competitive or just want some bragging rights? If you fit either or both descriptions you should enter one of the three Engineering and Technology Expo high school competitions. All competitions can have individual participants only.

General Procedures

  • Pre-registration for the 2021 E&T Week high school games is only required for Mystery Challenge. All teams are required to pre-register online for Mystery Challenge by March 20, 2021 to guarantee a competition time and help facilitate planning.
  • Submissions will be in the form of a video for each game. Each school may enter multiple video submissions, but each student is limited to one submission per competition. This applies to all games.
  • Winners will be awarded grand prizes as stated in the details and specifications for each game. Winners will be notified by April 30, 2021 through the email provided in the submission portal.
  • Please email if you have questions.

2021 Competitions

We are pleased to announce that we are introducing three NEW games for the 2021 Expo.

Marshmallow Tower Event Info:

Objective: Design and construct a tower as tall as possible in one minute with specified materials.

Marshmallow Tower details and specifications

Submit Video Here   (available March 20 - April 09, 2021)

Contaminant Removal Event Info:

Objective: Construct a low cost, water contaminant removal device. 

Contaminant Removal details and specifications

Submit Video Here   (available March 20 - April 09, 2021)

Mystery Challenge Event Info:

Objective: Construct a design that satisfies specifications and requirements provided in a 25 minute time frame. 

Mystery Challenge details and specifications

Pre-Registration required by March 20, 2021

Submit Video Here   (available March 20 - April 09, 2021)

2020 Competition Winners

Egg Drop

  1. Buckeye High School: A. Henry, G.Hoosier
  2. Buckeye High School: S. Freeman, A. Wiggins
  3. Buckeye High School: C. Sasser, A. Dubois


  1. Loreauville High School: C. Ransonet, L. Etie, L. Girouard
  2. North Vermillion High School: A. Thompson
  3. St. Joseph Academy: M. Bernard

Mystery Challenge

  1. Loreauville High School: T. Mestayer, L. Broussard, S. David
  2. Lafayette Christian Academy: B. Francis, J. Mata, V. Dupre
  3. Loreauville High School: R. Finley, T. Bijeaux, N. Michel