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Large Group Registration

In an effort to speed up the sign in process on the day of the expo we ask that large groups (10 or more) and school field trips submit one registration form. One designated teacher or school official should register as a large group and list the appropriate number of students and other guests that will attend the Expo. Any other teachers or school officials attending with the same group should also be included in this group registration unless they prefer to register as an Individual Parent/Chaperon.

If your group contains students from two different schools/organizations complete a form for each school/organization.

The form cannot be edited once submitted. We understand that there may be changes with large groups. Additions to the group should fill out the appropriate Individual Registration form. If you would like to add more than 10 people they should register as another separate Large Group.

Name of Primary Chaperon
What is your relationship to the student(s) attending the Expo with you?
VERY IMPORTANT. What is the best email address to send you E&T Expo updates? We will not email you for any other reason and your address will be deleted from the system after the event.
Students in this group are primarily from what school or organization? Complete a separate form for a second school. Please list the proper name and not the abbreviation.
What type of education are the students in this group currently enrolled in?
Where are you visiting us from?
If you are visiting us from a state not listed on this form, please tell us where you are visiting from.
How many students in your group? Include yourself if this your role.
How many teachers in this group? Include yourself if this is your role.
How many people in your group are NOT students, parents, or teachers. Count should include counselors, principals, etc. Include yourself if this your role.
How many people are in your group are not students, teachers, or other school officials? Include yourself if this is your role.
How did you hear about the E&T Expo? Select all that apply.
Is there anything that you would like us to know about your group? Use this space to write a short description of your group.