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Expo Contest FAQ's

Egg Drop FAQ's

For the egg drop challenge, will a parachute addition be included in the 10cm parameters? How would it be calculated if not restricted in that way?

The entire device, including any parachutes, must fit within the 10 cm dimension for check-in and inspection. It is OK if the parachute unfolds past the 10 cm cube once dropped. The bucket truck operators will also not unfold any parachutes before dropping. They must expand on their own during the fall.

Can I drop my own egg so that I can open the parachute before dropping?

No. All devices will be dropped by the same person in a bucket truck. They must expand on their own during the fall.

Am I permitted to use glue in the construction of the device?

Glue may only be used as a binder in structural configurations. Filling in void spaces or any other non-structural use would fall under the ban on packing materials

If I use tape, does each piece of tape count as a separate component?

While tape is allowed each piece counts as a separate component.


Balsa Wood Bridge Questions

Is spray adhesive allowed for the binding of structural components?

Yes, spray adhesive is allowed, for bonding purposes only. You may NOT "paint" or coat the entire structure with spray adhesive or paint of any kind.

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