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Engineering Ambassador Application & Audition Process

The Application Period for 2018-2019 Is Now Over

Instructions To Apply for the 2018 - 2019 UL Engineering Ambassador Program

  1. Completely fill out the online application and submit only once BEFORE your audition.
  2. Print out the Academic Standing Form and acquire the appropriate signatures before your audition.
  3. Once you have filled out an application, sign up for an audition time by completing the Doodle Poll HERE. Select one time. If you cannot attend during the time you selected, be sure to contact LaShaun Bordelon at
  4. Create a PowerPoint presentation that describes yourself (guidelines listed below).
  5. You must bring a copy of your presentation, signed Academic Standing Form, Fall 2018 schedule, and a copy of your transcript to your audition.


Sign up for an audition time by completing the Doodle Poll HERE

Auditions will be held in Madison Hall Room 105. An audition may be in progress when you arrive. If this is the case, do not enter until you are invited inside Room 105. Be prompt and dress appropriately (business casual).

When you arrive introduce yourself and hand over the documents required for your audition. You will have 5 - 10 minutes to tell the committee about yourself as an engineering student. The committee wants to know how you will be able to represent the college to potential students who are considering engineering as a degree option. Presentation guidelines are listed below to help you prepare a relevant presentation. You may be asked questions before, after, and/or during your presentation. A letter of acceptance or denial will be sent by email during the first week of September.

Items Needed for Auditions

  1. PowerPoint presentation on a removable storage device
  2. Academic Standing Form with two of the required signatures
  3. Copy of your Fall 2018 Schedule
  4. Copy of your Transcript

Presentation Guidelines

  • Minimum of 2 slides
  • Max of 8 slides
  • Include one recent picture of yourself on the first slide
  • Describe yourself as a high school student and why you decided to become an engineer or industrial technologist
  • Describe your experiences as a student enrolled in the college of engineering and any other majors
  • Tell why you are unique (talents, experiences, struggles, triumphs, etc.)
  • Explain why you think you would be a great representative for the college to future engineering students
  • Check for spelling, usage, and grammatical errors before your audition

UL Engineering Ambassador Training & Shirt Ceremony

Both the training and the Polo Shirt Ceremony are mandatory.

  • Training: Friday, 8/31/2018 from 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Shirt Ceremony: Friday, 9/14/2018 from 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Apply Now - Answer Each Question Carefully

Is this the first time you are applying or are you a returning member?
List your unique UL Identification number (begins with C)
Communications will always be sent to your UL email address. Enter your UL Email address (CLID, ULID, or alias).
Communication will not be sent to this email address, but is needed as a back-up email address.
Approximate time spent in your engineering coursework and current degree program. For those of you who are not traditional students and have other hours that count towards another degree, you may select more than one option. An example would be a student who changes their major from art to civil engineering after three years. Technically this person would be considered a junior, but they are enrolled in freshman coursework for the 2018 - 2019 academic year. They should select "nontraditional student" AND "freshman." First-time freshmen may NOT apply.
Estimate the number of hours completed towards your current degree. Include all completed and/or currently enrolled hours up until Summer 2018. DO NOT include your Fall 2018 hours. A minimum of 30 hours is preferred. Anyone with less than 20 hours may not apply. Freshman may not apply.
By Fall 2018, how many classes have you completed that are degree specific? Examples include ENGR 201, ITEC 101, MCHE 101, etc. Do NOT count any general education courses like ENGL and BIOL courses, as they are NOT degree specific. Please do NOT list the actual class names, only a count of how many classes you have completed.
When do you expect to graduate? Please DO NOT apply if you will only be enrolled for one more semester.
List any minors, specialties, or other degrees you are currently working on.
List any other degrees that you have earned.
List all student organizations in which you are, or will be, a member or officer for the 2017 - 2018 academic year. Describe any officer positions held in each organization.
List all your organization involvement at UL. Include your role as member or elected officer.
Do you have currently have a job? If yes, please describe where you work and your job duties. Is this a student, part-time, or full-time position? How long have you worked there? Will you have this same job for the 2017-2018 academic year also? Explain.
Have you ever participated in an internship and/or co-op? Explain.
What is your reason for wanting to become an Engineer or Industrial Technologist?
Did you visit UL’s Engineering & Technology Day or any other UL Recruitment Events, such as Preview Day, prior to attending UL? Please explain.
Why do you want to be an UL Engineering Ambassador?
Only sophomores, juniors, and senior undergrad and grad students will be selected as ULEA members.
By submitting this application you understand that a minimum of 20 volunteer hours per academic year are required to remain active as an UL Engineering Ambassador until graduation or selected "retirement." This is an average of 6 - 8 events per academic year.