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Schedule of Events

2018 Engineering & Technology Week Schedule of Events

Events in Italics and Bold are events that will have sign-in sheets. Points for participation in these events give points towards your department's points for Department of the Year. Events in RED are hyperlinked to a page with a detailed description.

Monday 3/5

1:00 PM Poster Competition Set-Up in the Library**

5:00 PM Opening Ceremony - Oliver 112

6:30 PM Mystery Design Challenge Reveal (location TBA to MD team members on Monday morning)

6:00 PM Undergraduate Student Presentation Competition - Oliver 112

Tuesday 3/6

4:00 PM Volunteer Tent Set-up on the front grounds of Madison Hall

5:30 PM Keynote Speaker - Madison 101

6:00 PM Mystery Design Supply Run (location TBA to MD team members on Tuesday morning)

7:00 PM Departmental Quiz Bowl Competition - Rougeau 332

Wednesday 3/7

6:00 AM Volunteer E&T Expo Set-up

8:30 AM Engineering & Technology Expo Event; end time 12:30 PM

1:00 PM Volunteer Lunch outside of Rougeau by Parking Garage

1:30 PM Volunteer E&T Expo Clean-up

Thursday 3/8

5:00 PM Poster Viewing - Lobby of Library

6:00 PM Departmental Mystery Design Contest (location TBA during the supply run)

Friday 3/9

8:00 AM Joint Advisory Board Meeting

5:30 PM E&T Week Awards Banquet - River Oaks

**Special note about the poster competition: All 30 posters will be on display in the downstairs lobby of the library until the end of the month.

Special thanks to our Engineering & Technology Week Sponsors

***All dates, times, and locations are tentative and subject to change***