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Engineering & Technology Week is for you, current College of Engineering students, so we want you to participate in the activities designed to celebrate you.

Volunteering During Engineering and Technology Week and Earning Points for Department of the Year

The Department of the Year (DOY) points distribution document is inherently structured such that points obtained throughout the year at LES Events (Sports, LES General Meetings, etc.) require LES membership. Sign-in sheets are at all events. This is covered in the by-laws of the organization.

Events taking place during Engineering and Technology Week itself (Presentation Competition, Quiz Bowl, etc.) involves the College of Engineering as a WHOLE and does NOT carry the same membership requirement. Sign-in sheets will be at every event.

This structuring puts 40% of the total point distribution as LES-only activities, with the remaining 60% as LES and College activities for tallying points for the Department of the Year Award.

Volunteers who only participate at the department level during the E&T Expo do NOT earn points toward DOTY. There is no recording structure in place to accurately report these volunteers and has caused numerous problems in previous years. The volunteer contributions of these students are recognized through the Esprit de Corps award.

In addition to volunteering on the department level a student AND may also volunteer for the E&T Expo Committees before, during, and after the Expo which WILL award points for DOY as long as the volunteer signs-in AND signs-out with the appropriate Committee Head to prove particiapation.

UL Student Participation Opportunities

You are encouraged to attend the following events as an observer or a participant to all E&T Week events:

Volunteering Opportunities

When it comes time for Engineering & Technology Expo, the biggest event during E&T week, it's all hands on deck here in the college of engineering. In other words we need you, so step up and volunteer! Find out more by visiting the Student Volunteer Opportunities page found here.

Ready to volunteer? Find out how by visiting the Student Volunteer Opportunities page found here.